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All enquiries:

T: 0333 305 6567

Login difficulties

The most likely cause of an inability to log in to IAS software is an absent, weak or intermittent wifi signal. IAS software stores all data in our servers rather than on your device, so requires a stable internet connection in order to function. Check your wifi signal, and try again.


Also, please ensure that your username and password are entered correctly.


If you have checked your wifi signal and you are sure your username and password are correct (or you have forgotten them!), please email support@iasltd.net and we will assist as soon as possible. You can also email this address if you are having any other difficulties with the assessment recording app.

This support page will be expanded as usage of the app increases. If you have any suggestions for content you would like to see here, or suggestions for improvements to the app, we'd love you to get in touch - your feedback is important to us!