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Ease of Use


While we set about refining these reports from your feedback, we also recruited a software development team as we worked with teachers to design a more user friendly means of entering data. Pretty soon, our IAS Collect app was born and the system began to look a little more as it does today.

Reporting back


As this development was taking place, we also consulted with subject leaders and senior leadership teams to build more strategic level reports which would inform Self-Evaluation Reports. From their ideas, we built reporting which allowed them to demonstrate value added data from Foundation Phase entry right through to the end of Key Stage 2, again including the ability to drill down into different groups of learners.


The final part of the process was then to develop software which would allow you to generate these reports, rather than request them from us, and this process is now complete. Not only can you easily and quickly enter assessment data, you can also instantly access extremely powerful reporting, analysis and visualisation that you can use for planning lessons, checking attainment against expectation, ensuring progress and “value added”, seeing whole school attainment and progress in a specific subject,  and even updating your school Self Evaluation Report. We’re proud of this achievement, not least because it meets all of the objectives of the Accountability, analysing data and strategic planning strand of the Reducing Workload initiative , thus helping you all to focus on raising standards and giving you a better work-life balance.


The next stage


If this all sounds like a lot of work – well, it has been. The development cycle for IAS Advance has taken over 2 years, because we’ve sought to continuously act on the feedback we’ve been given, and to build an assessment system which really does do everything that you want it to, and more. We’re not finished yet though. From September, you’ll also be able to upload image, audio and video evidence of attainment and access it through a new app which will allow you to easily moderate assessment and demonstrate evidence to governors or inspectors. In addition, we’ll continue to work on any new reports or analyses that are needed by you.


So, we’re proud of this story, of the analysis system we have developed with you, and of the way it has been developed. We know it’s highly effective in helping you to make the most of your data whilst reducing teacher and senior management workload related to assessment, because it was designed to do that in response to the issues you were experiencing as education professionals. We’re excited about our big launch, and we can’t wait to work with you in the months and years to come.


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