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World class assessment and analysis systems for schools


Simple assessment and evidence recording app.


Our multi-platform IAS Collect app allows you to record both attainment and evidence either in class as you observe children in activities, or at your desk as you review examples of work, making it ideal for teachers of all age groups from early years to Key Stage 4.


Analyse has been designed by classroom practitioners with the "Reducing Workload" guidance in mind to significantly lessen the time spent on collecting data.


Powerful analysis software.


Our sophisticated IAS Analyse software package makes effective analysis and use of the assessment data you've collected a quick and easy process. Analyse has been designed by senior management, classroom practitioners and professional data analysts, and contains a wide range of features making it a must-have at all levels of your school. It incorporates data disaggregation by gender, FSM entitlement, ALN and other variables, and offers unprecedented depth of analysis, whilst saving significant teacher and senior management time in terms of the time taken to perform that analysis, again with the "Reducing Workload" guidance in mind.


ALL analysis is available with one or two clicks of your mouse, and includes:


Individual child attainment and progress reports - Visualise strengths and gaps in current attainment and lets you see rate of both short-term and long-term progress in all areas of learning at a glance. Reports incorporate literacy and numeracy test results to give a holistic view of child attainment. They are designed to inform your preparation for parents' evenings and school reports.

Class attainment and progress reports - Visualisations of progress within an area of learning by each child over a time period specified by you - anything from a term to whole key stage!

Planning matrices - A detailed breakdown of the attainment of each child in a class or year group for each learning area. These are used to highlight skill ladders or curriculum strands which still require development and to assist in differentiation and group setting.

Skill ladder or curriculum strand breakdowns analysis - these area of learning reports enable you to see at a glance whole class attainment for each aspect of an area of learning, enabling you to instantly focus on any areas for development.


Scattergrams - One page representations of progress and attainment for all children in a class or year group for the last 12 months. They are used for group setting and value-added analysis.


Class summaries - These simple reports show how many children within a class are on track to meet age related expectations at the end of a key stage, and are used for target setting and predictions of attainment. They can be produced at the end of a school year as part of a review process, or the beginning of a school year as a comprehensive introductory pack to your new class.


End of Key Stage reports - These can be used to demonstrate both levels of attainment and value added for cohorts at the end of a Key Stage. The reports compare attainment with on-entry assessment and end of previous Key Stage attainment where appropriate, and can be used to inform annual Governor Reports and your school self evaluation report.


Literacy/Numeracy test analysis - Track test results for any child or year group over time, and disaggregate by the groups listed above. These reports allows quick and comprehensive analysis of changes in test performance over time and comparison with teacher assessment data.


Pre-inspection reports - These can be produced instantly when required. They are an amalgam of aspects of the End of Key Stage and Literacy/numeracy test analyses, and are designed to provide you with a comprehensive summary of your attainment and value added data to inform and provide a clear evidence base for your self-evaluation reports.


Flexibility and customisation


We have a growth mindset when it comes to our service! We're proud of our software, of the time it saves, the reduction in workload it means and also of the analysis it provides you with to help you raise standards. However, we know that every school is unique and may have specific requirements, whether that be breaking down skill ladder or level statements into smaller chunks for assessment, or specific formats for analysis reports. Our approach to this is simple - if you want it, we will build it. We can't promise instant bespoke reports or assessment frameworks on demand, but we will work with you to understand your needs and produce a service which meets them in a timespan which suits you. IAS Advance already contains flexibility in terms of outcome/level best fit, which  you can adjust to fit your current system -although of course, we can never replace your professional judgment, which is why end of Key Stage results can be recorded separately, giving you full control over your data.


Data migration


We understand that leaving your tracking system and introducing a new one can be a daunting task - although we'd stress that our service is much more than a tracking system! We're here to help make the process as simple as possible, and in almost all cases we can assist in migrating your existing data to our system without inconvenience to you.

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